Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I recently cancelled the daily subscription to my local newspaper, The San Diego Union Tribune. Local newspapers are dying and they blame their demise on the Internet and other news sources. While I agree with their conclusions, I added my own concerns. If you share the same concerns, you may want to send a similar letter to your local newspaper.

To Whom It May Concern:

When I called to cancel my subscription, I was asked to give a reason. I would like to explain my decision. Frankly, you no longer publish the news. I have been a faithful reader of the San Diego Union for more than 40 years and formerly I counted on you to tell me what was happening in our community, city, state, and country. I can no longer count on your perspective. I understand that covering the "news" is like studying "history." What a student learns about history depends on what the teacher believes to be important and what the reader learns about the news depends on what the editorial staff believes to be important.

You are no longer covering what is important to me and so many of my fellow citizens of San Diego. Let me explain - in no particular order.

1. A few weeks ago, our president went to China, in part, to encourage the Chinese government to continue to invest in our bonds. I didn't realize how much trouble our dollar was in because of our debt. It is on the brink of collapse. THAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME! I haven't heard one word from you about our desperate situation. I had to read it on Drudge. I would think it would be important to you.

2. To add to my concern, key governments around the world are considering dropping the dollar as the exchange currency for a more stable currency. If this happens, the value of our dollar will hit a death spiral that will cause national inflation making the Carter years seem pleasant by comparison. THAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME! It will affect all your readers, shouldn't we hear about this from our trusted newspaper?

3. Last week I heard from friends who live in Visalia, a city in our Central Valley, that thousands of acres of pristine farm land in their area are now a dustbowl because the main water supply has been turned off. Environmentalists claim the water pumps may be harmful to a 2-inch sardine. Why didn't I hear about the farming situation from you? THAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME! The central valley of California is our nation's breadbasket. If the farmers are unable to grow crops, where will our country get much of its food? And what will that do to the cost of our food? This issue concerns all of America, but not one word from the San Diego Union. Why not? This is a national crisis, but I had to hear it from someone who lives in our Central Valley, not from you.

4. We now have a national debt approaching 12 trillion dollars. In less than 10 years it is projected by official government figures to be more than 24 trillion. It is foolish to keep spending when we don't have money. Families can't do it and neither should our government. It will catch up with us. Our children, grandchildren, and future generations will be paying the interest on this debt forever. It will never be paid. Despite this unbelievable burden on our economy, our government leaders now want to impose a government healthcare on us that will cost at least an extra trillion dollars each year. The CATO Institute has shown the extra trillion will actually be closer to an extra 3.5 trillion. Medical costs will be increased to the majority of Americans as well as rationed care to all. You can't add 30 to 50 million new patients and no program to add new doctors without rationing care. THAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME! The majority of Americans are against this bill, but you have chosen to simply repeat Obama's talking points. You are not representing your readers.

5. A whistleblower from the UK's Hadley Centre, one of the world's leading climate change research centers, has proven the Centre has been lying about their research. They have been using false data for years. Since the world governments, including the United States, have been relying on Hadley Centre as a main source to validate global warming, THAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME! The climate is NOT getting warmer. It was and is a hoax. Their temperature data was being forged to prove alleged "manmade global warming." But I had to read about this on the Internet from newspapers in Britain. My newspaper is deadly silent on this issue. Newspapers in England are calling this situation "climate-gate," but the San Diego Union has chosen not to report it. Are you beginning to understand my concern??

6. The global warming "crisis" is a myth; now not even Al Gore calls it global warming. It is has been renamed to "climate change." Our government is getting ready to impose another tax on us called "cap and trade" that is supposed to "help stop global warming." Experts from all parts of the political spectrum admit this tax is not needed and would be nothing more than an added tax on an already struggling economy. Why haven’t you bothered to explain this complicated situation to your readers? Most don't even know what "cap and trade" means. THAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME! You are supposed to be our advocate but not one word from the San Diego Union.

7. One of the best characteristics of our system of government is the system of checks and balances. The judicial, legislative, and executive system of government has worked well for more than 200 years. Then why do we need 35 czars to run a free country? What is a czar? Why do we need them? Why did Obama appoint them if he already has a Senate vetted Cabinet? If these czars are making major policy decisions, shouldn’t they also be vetted? Maybe this is why so many of Obama's czars are Marxists, communists, and revolutionaries. If someone answered these questions in an investigation exposé, he/she could receive a Pulitzer. Isn't anyone on your staff interested? One would think your readers would want to know who and what czars are, what they stand for and how they got there. THAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME.

8. Your coverage of the ACORN scandal was superficial at best. You had a small article without detail even though one of the many ACORN offices caught on tape encouraging underage prostitution was from San Diego. You chose not to dig into the evidence even though BigGovernment.com was giving their evidence to any newspaper that was willing to watch the tapes and ask questions. Since our president has close ties with ACORN, I thought you would be interested. THAT IS IMPORTANT TO ME.

9. California's GNP is larger than every country in the world except for seven. That's huge! With our state's economy on the verge of collapse, again you have chosen not to ask the hard questions. How did we get into this precarious situation? What are your suggestions for getting out of it? What happens to us if the state goes bankrupt? Will the national government take us over? What then? THAT'S IMPORTANT TO ME.

10. These are not partisan political concerns. I am expressing concerns that can potentially affect the future of our city, state, and nation. I expect a newspaper that wants more readers would investigate and cover these issues.