Sunday, May 8, 2016

How A Christian Music Station Affected Me

The greatest thing just happened to my hometown of San Diego.  K-Love Christian Radio came to town!!  Do you know what this means?  We are no longer a Christian music wasteland.  We have “positive and encouraging” contemporary Christian music 24-hours a day. 
What’s the big deal?  Can you believe it? In my lifetime, San Diego has NEVER had a Christian Music station.  We do have a small station with a 1000-watt transmitter located on the outskirts of town but you had to be within a few 100 feet of the transmitter to hear it clearly. 
If I wanted to listen to Christian music in my car I had to rely on my CD collection, and when I forgot to bring a fresh set of CDs I would listen to sports talk radio.  It was awful.
But K-Love, the largest contemporary Christian music network in America, bought the tower of an old secular rock station (102.1 FM) with a powerful signal that can be heard clearly throughout our great city.  Yea.
Let me tell you how it has affected me. 
First, it expanded my knowledge of Christian music.  Before K-Love came to town, I would listen to my favorite Christian songs and listen to them over and over and over.  My Christian music knowledge became very limited.  Good music, but very limited.    
Second, since I have been listening to K-Love regularly a plethora of Scriptural principles have been permeating my mind throughout the day.  Without thinking about it, biblical principles became a part of my thoughts, discussions, and choices. This morning I woke up humming "Grace Wins Every Time."
Third, subconsciously I began using these biblical principles and phrases, as I counsel people online throughout my workweek.  This past week, I literally was texting responses to a friend who was struggling with the frustrations of life with advice such as “Keep on living for Him."  "God isn’t done yet."  "He’s making your struggles into diamonds.”  Without realizing it, each phrase I used replicated the exact lyrics or biblical principle of a song I had recently listened to.  
Sometimes I hear friends complaining that K-Love doesn’t vary its playlist enough. I respond, "If you don’t enjoy their playlist, find a station that fits your tastes better.But I love their playlist because it helps me memorize so many songs and principles that radiate in my soul. 
This station has given my wife and me a whole new perspective on spiritual living.  We are constantly singing, thinking, and communicating biblical principles.  It’s like we have rediscovered The Christian Music Challenge that I have been teaching all these years and it has brought a renewed joy to our lives.  Really.  
Note: I'm not "selling" K-Love radio.  I am simply advocating that you listen to a contemporary Christian music station in your area that helps you focus on life from a biblical perspective.  As you listen throughout the day for 30-days it will change your perspective on life because it can help you focus your mind, heart, and soul on Jesus Christ.  And Isaiah 26:3 tells us that when we focus our mind on Him, we will know His peace. 
Are you experiencing the peace and joy of the Lord in your life?  If not, why not take The Christian Music Challenge for 30-days.  What do you have to lose?  Thirty days?

This is NOT intended to be ad for K-Love.  They didn't pay me to say this.  I don't think they even know who I am.  I'm just excited that they were able to buy a broadcast tower in my little area of the world.

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